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Here at Clear Financial Solutions, we understand that entrepreneurs take on greater financial risks than most, and we offer services specifically designed with their financial needs in mind. Some of our planning services designed for business owners include: executive benefit planning, employee benefit planning, succession planning, and differed funding planning.

Worksite Benefits 

To learn more on how we can help with worksite benefits please contact us.

Executive Benefits

Executive benefit planning includes designing and implementing benefit packages for the on and off boarding of new executives within your company. We work with you to create plans that enable your business to acquire and maintain high quality individuals. We are also able to assist business owners design and implement supplemental employee retirement plans and split dollar plans.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are critical in attracting and maintaining the best people to your business. We assist clients in choosing which packages are the best fit for their financial situation and the types of employees they want to recruit. Our clients and their ability to staff top quality employees is our number one focus.


We can design plans for group or individual health benefits as well as retirement. Each plan revolves around the aspirations, financial standing, and environment of your company.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance compensates a company in the instance of losing its most influential team member. We help entrepreneurs secure the future of their business by offering key person insurance services designed to ensure the company can move forward after this loss.

Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

We offer buy-sell agreement funding services that ensure a partner of a business can be adequately paid if they leave by choice, force, or extenuating circumstances such as disability or death. A buy-sell agreement is a legal contract between business co-owners, which details the stipulations under which the separation will take place. We offer multiple buy-sell agreement funding options to suit the needs of all potential clients.

Funding Deferred Compensation 

We offer deferred funding compensation services to allow business owners the opportunity to provide employees the option of investing income for potential growth. We offer multiple deferred funding compensation plans, and work with employers to determine the plan which aligns best to the company goals.

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