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New Interns!

We have exciting news to share. The firm has grown by another 8 legs!

Rosie (pink collar) and Gracie (blue collar) are a lab-mountain cur mix. They're on the small side, around 28 pounds each. If you can't tell, they are sisters. They were rescued from southern Indiana after being strays for the first year or so of their lives. Being inside is a bit of an adjustment, but they are warming up well to being part of our pack. Rosie is certainly more timid, and Gracie is the troublemaker.

We originally we're just going to adopt Rosie and went to meet her in person before we introduced her to the girls. Gracie had already been adopted, but then we got a text a couple days after that she had been returned. It was under sad circumstances as the husband of the family who adopted her found out he had terminal cancer. You know when you sometimes say "God, could you show me a sign and I'll do X". Well, I think that was our sign to change our plans and adopt them both.